Wishes Granted for Leukemia Victims

It was a Sunday morning and the young volunteers from Enderun prepared the Make-A-Wish Party for Lawrence and ErJohn. These two are victims of Leukemia – a disease in the blood as a type of cancer. The volunteers and several faculty members wanted to provide a party for these victims. The idea was conceptualized a month prior. They all contributed to make the party exciting and memorable. There were a few obstacles they faced in organizing the event; because of the leadership of Ms. Olga, Ms. Kristine, and Ms. Marga, they managed to push through with the event on time.

The theme song of Jollibee played as the young children entered with their families. They were greeted with smiles from the students. The entertainment provided by Jollibee brightened the atmosphere in the room. Jollibee’s dance group brought laughter and joy. The stress the volunteers had gone through vanished as soon as they saw ErJohn and Lawrence smile with delight.

Following the Jollibee dance troupe were games. Even the volunteers joined the fun. They made sure that ErJohn and Lawrence were the center of attention in each game. They danced with kids and sang a tribute for the two. It didn’t stop there. After the games and entertainment, the Jolly meal was finally served.

During the meal, ErJohn and Lawrence enjoyed talking with the volunteers. One was shy, but the other was very talkative. They talked about their interests – the adventures of Naruto the joy of watching Pokemon monsters. The volunteers gave their all to make them smile throughout the day, and did what they could to make the kids feel special during this event.

It’s a sad reality that these two children are both suffering cancer at such a young age. Ms. Olga, Ms. Kristine, and Ms. Marga thanked the volunteers and gave words of wisdom to ErJohn and Lawrence. Both children received gifts. When one of them said that he wished he could visit Enderun again, one of the volunteers affirmed his wish.

When ErJohn and Lawrence first entered the room, they seemed sad. During the party, however, that mood completely shifted to happiness. As one of the volunteers, I found that moment very memorable and wished I could do something more. As the two children left the campus, I’m glad to say that they went with joy in their eyes and smiles behind their masks.

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