A Spooky Sem-ender for Enderun Students

Bea Ibarra goes over a few spooky details of what happened on the last Friday of the first semester. 

Enderun Fright Night 2014

Outrageous costumes, spooky decorations, a haunted hall, and a good time. All these encompass what transpired in this year’s Halloween event, Fright Night, organized by both Lux Lucis and Hoteliers with the helping hand of Ms. Aran’s  Events Class that took care of the food and beverage among other things.

Endrun Fright Night 2014Enderun_Frisht_Night-22 Enderun_Frisht_Night-1 Enderun_Frisht_Night-6

What’s great about Halloween in Enderun is that the students are never afraid to go all out with their costumes, turning the celebration into a yearly tradition. There were a good number of people whose get-ups “broke” people’s necks with all the head turns (Halloween-fitted. I joke). There was also a haunted hall that took place in one of the rooms, which was designed to portray an Annabelle-esque environment, sending people terrified and screaming out of the room. More scares and screams were exchanged. The decorations put up, together with the smoke and fog effect made the BA Building give off this eerie atmosphere, perfect for the occasion. It was an all around chill and worthwhile event and at the same time a great sem-ender(un) gathering. Props to the Lux Lucis, Hoteliers and Events Class team, and Happy Halloween to all!

Enderun_Frisht_Night-60 Enderun_Frisht_Night-58 Enderun_Frisht_Night-57 Enderun_Frisht_Night-56 Enderun_Frisht_Night-50 Enderun_Frisht_Night-45 Enderun_Frisht_Night-44 Enderun_Frisht_Night-43 Enderun_Frisht_Night-42 Enderun_Frisht_Night-41 Enderun_Frisht_Night-40 Enderun_Frisht_Night-39 Enderun_Frisht_Night-38 Enderun_Frisht_Night-36 Enderun_Frisht_Night-21 Enderun_Frisht_Night-23 Enderun_Frisht_Night-29 Enderun_Frisht_Night-30 Enderun_Frisht_Night-32 Enderun_Frisht_Night-18 Enderun_Frisht_Night-17 Enderun_Frisht_Night-10 Enderun_Frisht_Night-9 Enderun_Frisht_Night-8 Enderun_Frisht_Night-5 Enderun Fright Night 2014Endrun Fright Night 2014

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