Enderun Colleges celebrates ten years with a Christmas gala

  • img_0379
    Some employees enjoyed striking a pose with Enderun's founders.
  • img_0468
    Enderun's Gala Night was enjoyed by the employees at The Tent
  • img_0623
    Enderun's founders, Jack Tuason and Javier Infante, shared a video of employees that they created.
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    Enderun's four pioneer employees: Tricia Tensuan, Daniel Perez, Paul Dalmacio, and Chef See Cheong Yan received special awards from Jack Tuason and Javier Infante.
  • img_0754
    Enderun's first employees received awards from founders Jack Tuason and Javier Infante
  • img_0828
    Founder Javier Infante, Atty. Raymund Martellino, Mark Jose and Martin Infante wowed the crowd as "The Financiers"
  • img_0950
    Our pioneer employees enjoyed rocking out with "The Financiers"
  • img_1018
    Tricia Tensuan and Chef See Cheong Yan shares their experience as pioneer employees of Enderun Colleges.

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