“Keep on Learning” the Enderun Way

by Patricia Valencia

No trouble putting the food away.

No trouble putting the food away.

October 17 was celebrated as Enderun Teachers’  Day, our opportunity to honor our lecturers and express our appreciation for their work on our behalf.

Over a hundred students and teachers gathered for the event, which was organized by the Leadership Program members. Carbonara, barbecue, and cakes were served alongside with a broad selection of wines and beers. Gerry Aquino, Marissa Felix, Karl Sta. Maria and student Grilli showed their talents on the stairway stage.

Participation by the SHS students.

Participation by the SHS students.

Special awards were given to:
Outstanding professor of SHS: Sir Karl Sta. Maria
Outstanding professor for General Education: Ms. Marissa Felix
Outstanding professor for Business Administration: Ms. Marivic Ignacio
Outstanding professor for Economics: Sir Rocky Laurel
Outstanding professor for Culinary Arts: Chef See
Outstanding professor for Hotel administration: Ms. Bel Castro
Creative Professor: Sir Ryan Morales
Tito of Enderun: Sir Ryan Morales
Tita of Enderun: Ms. Marissa Felix


Dean Ed offered closing remarks, citing the special message from Mr. Dennis Uy, welcoming the Enderun family into it’s fold.

“Very early on in life, I knew what I wanted to be: an entrepreneur. In high school, I helped the family grocery by shelving and selling school supplies to my classmates. After college, I managed various family businesses while learning on the job. I earned a small salary, but I worked hard so I could get a higher share of the profit. . . .

“Today, there are a total of 49 companies and 2,700 employees under the Udenna Corporation family, including 3 foundations that support our community development programs. . . .

“When people ask me what’s our core business, my answer is: Our business is business!
There’s a business to be made – always. And it’s not about wealth. I’m happy creating things and making a difference. I love what I’m doing. I didn’t even realize it’s been 15 years since we started; and those 15 years have been filled with hard work. . . .

“We all have a chance to be leaders. We’re here because we want to create our own destiny and challenge the incumbents. If you know that you don’t know, learn. This is why we acquired Enderun Colleges, because we want to keep on learning. . .

UDENNA Corporation today is now in a period of growth. We want to build a business empire that is harmonious, entrepreneurial, with a positive mindset, and helps nurture win-win relationships.

We should always persevere. All of us. Me, I always dare to push myself because even if I fall, I know I can always stand up again.

And as a united UDENNA family, I know we can do so much more. Together, we can! Together, we will!

Proudly UDENNA,

Dennis A. Uy
Chairman and CEO

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