Author: Phoebe Punla

The Search for Self Accountability 0

Opinion: The Search for Self-Accountability

The current crop of Enderun students is part of the generation composed of people born between 1980 and 2000 (depending on whom you ask), and are therefore termed “millennials”. The members of this group...

Inside Internships - Benoit 0

Inside Internships: Benoit

Several Enderun students tell Ink about their internship experiences. Jodee Verdejo and Phoebe Punla interview Camille Barba, Jessa Jastrzemski, Lisa and Sasha Zakharka, Nitesh Dolwani, Rafael Valdez, and Lora Ledesma to know what life...

RSO Guide - Culinaire 0

RSO Guide: Culinaire

Described as a “haven for anyone who loves food,” Culinaire is Enderun’s premier culinary organization. Vice President Pat Benedicto adds, “We help our members learn everything there is to know about the food business,...

RSO Guide - ESFSO 0


When one opens the backpack of HA student CJ Echiverri, one would be surprised to see that CJ carries around a personal first aid kit, a sewing kit, and a very thick Swiss Army...