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Shows To Watch During Summer

Summer is finally here and I am looking forward to catching up on watching different show series that are on my “series to watch during the summer” list. As a series lover, I can honestly say how happy I am to see more seasons being released this year since we’re now coming out of the pandemic and going back to our new normal lives. Here are five series that I highly recommend to watch over the summer break:

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Sun Kissed (Summer Playlist)

We are now at that point of planning our future summer trips, our summer activities and even deciding on whether to do a summer semester. Summer won’t be perfect without some music hits that will help us have fun during the next few months of summer. Here are 7 songs that I picked out that are perfect for your summer playlists.

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A Bookworm’s Guide to Romance Novels

In the spirit of love, as a bookworm, I’ll be sharing my guide to romance novels that you’ll all enjoy reading during your free time or even as a reward for finishing your midterms. Some books were adapted to films while others are still being planned by future film directors and studios. Here are five books that you can read during this month of love.

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Being Mentally Prepared For Face to Face Classes

It’s that time of year when we’re all excited to be back on campus and see all our friends again. To fully be prepared, we need to mentally prepare ourselves, since it’ll be another adjustment. Before we get too excited about going back, here are a few ways to be mentally prepared for Face to Face Classes.

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The Sound of Christmas: A Christmas Playlist

We all love Christmas but the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without our favorite Christmas songs that we play on Spotify or Apple Music. Music plays a big role during Christmas especially since it gives us that Christmas vibe. Need some new tunes to add to your Christmas playlist? Here are my top 5 Christmas songs that I’m sure you all will enjoy singing along to with your friends and family.

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Halloween Bliss

It’s October, and we’re a few days away from Halloween. Have you ever wondered what Halloween is? Halloween is a day when people get to dress up in costumes that express themselves. It’s also a day when people give out candies to kids and teenagers that love to trick or treat. Lastly, it’s also a time when some host Halloween parties and dance the night away.

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The Magic World Of Dreamworks

Whenever we hear the company “Dreamworks”, we remember their popular films that we watched in the movie theater or even on Netflix. Some movies that are produced by them are How To Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, The Croods and more.

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A Senior Student’s Internship Guide

Have you ever thought about where you wanna go for an internship? Have you consulted with the Office of Career Services (OCS) already? Do you have a dream company you want to intern at during this pandemic?

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Music as A Coping Mechanism

Music. When we hear of the word music, we immediately think of different songs, our favorite artists and even our favorite genres of music. People have been listening to music for centuries and centuries. It has also been slowly evolving just like us humans.