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EES Career World: A Look into Professional Life after College

College is the time of our lives when we discover and learn more about ourselves. At the very least, our academic institutions help guide us towards the start of our lives as career people. At the end of our college life lies our infinite choices and potential in the professional world. EES’ Career World helped its attendees meditate on the possibilities of their future.

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Titans, Assemble! What To Anticipate for E-Titans Week’s Comeback

Time to channel your warrior spirit once again, Titans! Because we’re back and ready with one of the biggest events our Enderun community highly anticipates, E-Titans Week. Following last year’s sweet taste of greatness, you might wonder if it’s possible to top such an occurrence. Well, come see for yourself from October 18, 2021 to October 22, 2021. The next round is now here and prepared to give more than you could hope for! Are you ready?

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Enderun Food and Wine Society: Opening Doors for New Opportunities

The Enderun Food and Wine Society (EFWS) is a well-known name in Enderun. It is known not only as the co-curricular Hotel Administration organization, or that organization that hones it’s members to be industry ready, but also as one of the organizations that has been able to provide job opportunities to their members even before they graduate.

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Titan Business Spotlight: Sift By Laureana

When we think about cafés, a lot of examples come to mind and there are no shortages of cafés we can find here in the Philippines. Your “go-to” cafés are dotted across the country such as UCC, Tim Hortons, and Starbucks, in which the majority of the population purchase their daily cup of coffee or may even grab a snack to go. But have you ever considered trying something new? A breath of fresh air; something that is different from the rest? Then Sift By Laureana will surely deliver!

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Zonta, the Definition of Feminism

It’s insane to have to mold yourself into a standard of physical and social attributes, even more so for women. The past created impossible standards for them to fulfill, like to never outshine a man’s success. The double-standard for men and women is still very evident in today’s society, and it needs to be not only addressed but dealt with.

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Something I Wish I Knew Before Part 2: Starting a Business [Teacher’s Edition]

Beyond the awe-inducing label of ‘CEO’, and the pride that comes with being able to call yourself an entrepreneur, most of us are aware of the potential challenges and uncertainties that come with establishing a business. Knowing this, the next thing you could ask yourself is, “What key concepts or ideas should I be aware of before wanting to start my own business?”