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How the Economy is Affected by the Elections

Through understanding each presidential candidates’ platform, we can anticipate the type of leadership we will have. Every six years, we are given a chance to choose the next person who will lead the country, transferring the political power to another. During that specific timeline, how is the state of wealth and production handled?

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The 2022 Election Blueprint

Graphics by Laya S. Election day is one of the most important days to look forward to. Generally, the election is essential for shaping a democratic country’s future. On the 9th of May 2022,...

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Internship FAQS Part 2: Interviews and Curriculum Vitae

With the online setting, I noticed how a lot of students are afraid and hesitant to take their internships, and that includes me. I heard how students wish they could travel to take their internship and gain on-hand experience, how they’re hesitant because they think they are not yet ready, and how they hope for everything to go back to normal again. But don’t you worry because online or not, the Office of Career Services is always there to guide us.

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A Bookworm’s Guide to Romance Novels

In the spirit of love, as a bookworm, I’ll be sharing my guide to romance novels that you’ll all enjoy reading during your free time or even as a reward for finishing your midterms. Some books were adapted to films while others are still being planned by future film directors and studios. Here are five books that you can read during this month of love.

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What Makes a House Uniquely Filipino: I Design Filipino and Nothing Else

Have you ever visited Amanpulo, the luxury beach resort in Palawan with its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and their breathtaking casitas with a wonderful view of the sea? Or have you heard of the 30th SEA games cauldron, the infamous 55 million pesos cauldron that was lit during the ceremony and was considered to be a “priceless piece of art”? I’m pretty sure you know about EDSA Shrine, a church located at the intersection of Ortigas Avenue and EDSA Avenue to commemorate the People Power Revolution. Do you know what these three have in common? They were all designed by Mañosa and Company, Inc.

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Important Election Terminologies

The Philippines is a Republic and Democratic government. Nowadays, some people are clueless about what kind of government our country has. These common misunderstandings and/or ignorances toward politics may cause detrimental results to our society. Simply not knowing political terminologies has the chance to spread fake news and cloud others’ beliefs. Indeed, one may include themself in a political conversation and obliviously damage their principles by supporting who they are not—all because the wrong terms were used.

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Episode 6: Love, EU

“Kung siya hindi na bumalik… kami’y mananatili”

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re back and staying for another semester. 🎊