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A Day in Their Shoes: Enderun Athletes Edition

Since the pandemic’s start, one of the biggest social gatherings that has been canceled are sports events. From basketball to futsal to volleyball, it has been months since our Enderun athletes have been able to step on the court and do what they love most.

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Ms. Divine Shares That Enderun is More Than an Institution

Enderun Colleges has been through so much in less than two decades of being established. If someone looks closely enough, they would find a number of supportive and loyal members of the staff and faculty. A mini-series of articles featuring the Enderun Employees could give everyone a glimpse of what is like being part of the community.

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Found You: Alumni Love Stories

>A lot of people might believe that entering college is just a stepping stone for their career – a critical stage in our lives where we get to encounter various things. Due to the serious environment, we often forget that this is also the stage where we get to meet new friends, build new memories, have numerous “chikahan” sessions, laugh and cry during exam seasons, and of course, where we find love.

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TITAN RSO Encourage Students to Follow Their Passion

School is about far more than just academics. We have a life outside of the classroom, as much as we want to succeed academically. We each have our passions, and our school never fails to support us in reaching our goals. Our school offers a variety of learning opportunities, including webinars, the best internships, and, of course, student organizations.

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Melody of dreams: Our Musically Creative Titans

In the global pandemic and lockdown, music played a big role in giving us something positive to look forward to. Albums were dropping everywhere starting from ‘Chromatica’ by Lady Gaga, ‘Folklore’ by Taylor Swift, ‘Future Nostalgia’ by Dua Lipa, and ‘After Hours’ by The Weeknd to name a few. Not to mention how trends arised from Tiktok that involves captivating music and sure LSS like “Did the full 180” to “but now, there’s nowhere to hide” to “pamparampampam…” and many more phrases that certainly trigger our brain to sing and groove.

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Titan’s Vote Webinar Series

As the next presidential election approaches, the Enderun Leadership Program and Titan’s Vote Team in partnership with Vote Pilipinas and Enderun League of Economic Development hosted a three-day event last May 6, 20, and 27 to encourage the youth to use their voices and exercise their right to vote. Presenting all information needed to get started on voting with the help of guest speakers and Q&A sessions, the webinar series has empowered many students to take a stand and register to vote for the future of our country.

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Music as A Coping Mechanism

Music. When we hear of the word music, we immediately think of different songs, our favorite artists and even our favorite genres of music. People have been listening to music for centuries and centuries. It has also been slowly evolving just like us humans.